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semana que vem tem o mini curso: Compare and Contrast Different Makes of Microcontroller Peripherals, e outros bastante interessantes. Não perca!




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16 a 20/11/2015 – Mini curso: Compare and Contrast Different Makes of Microcontroller Peripherals

This course, taught by Warren Miller, will guide you through a variety of microcontroller peripherals to see the major differences between various implementations. Even though many peripherals support standard functions, there is surprising variation in the implementations by different MCU manufacturers. Understanding these differences will help you select the right MCU for your next design.

  • November 16 – Day 1: Standard Peripheral Functions
    This class will provide an overview of standard peripheral functions so you can better see the differences between MCU manufacturer implementations.
  • November 17 – Day 2: Serial Interfaces
    Serial interface peripherals support interface standards such as I2C and SPI. This class will cover the key differences in common interface implementations by MCU makers.
  • November 18 – Day 3: Timers
    Timers are perhaps the most complex of peripherals, with the widest range of supported features. This class will dig into the details of several common timer implementations.
  • November 19 – Day 4: Analog Peripherals
    Analog peripherals, such as analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs), have significant feature differences from manufacturer to manufacturer, and this class will highlight several of the most important ones.
  • November 20 – Day 5: Other Peripheral Functions
    Other important differences in peripheral implementations will be covered in this class, including USB, Ethernet, Security, and external memory interfaces.



Mini curso


  • Aerospace & Defense Day Brasil
  • Multicore in IoT: Platforms, Tools, and Software Requirements for Successful, Secure Deployment
  • Sensors & Embedded Systems in the Era of the IoT: What Engineers Today Need to Know to Succeed
  • Using Low Light Level CMOS Sensors to Augment Thermal IR Security and Surveillance Systems


  • The Challenges of Simplifying the Signal Chain


  • How to Develop Mission-Critical Avionics and Defense Systems with Ada and DDS
  • Infineon’s full system solutions for 3D printers


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