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semana que vem tem o curso sobre o Renesas Synergy e muitos outros treinamentos bem interessantes. Não perca! É de graça!




consulte sempre um engenheiro eletrônico



16 a 20/05/2016 – Curso: Speed MCU-based RTOS Designs using the Renesas Synergy Platform – A Hands-on Course

The Renesas Synergy Platform provides an integrated approach to designing RTOS-based systems using MCUs. The Synergy Platform seamlessly integrates the Express Logic Thread-X based RTOS and Express Logic supporting elements such as GUIX, USBX, FILEX and NETX within the Integrated System Development Environment (ISDE). This course, taught by Warren Miller, will use a hands-on approach using a Low Cost Synergy Kit, the free to download Renesas e2 studio, and Synergy Software Package (SSP) ISDE.

  • May 16 – Day 1: An Introduction to RTOS Concepts
    This class will provide a quick overview of key RTOS concepts including the key concepts behind threaded designs, the techniques for inter-thread communications, and some of the new design ‘thinking’ needed to make the most of the power of RTOS based development.
  • May 17 – Day 2: The Renesas Synergy Platform
    This class provides a detailed description of the key elements of the Renesas Synergy Platform. It will focus on the Synergy MCUs and the integration of Express Logic Thread-X RTOS, GUIX, USBX, FILEX and NETX elements in the Synergy Software Package.
  • May 18 – Day 3: Designing with e2 studio and Synergy Software Package (SSP)
    This class will demonstrate how easy it is to create RTOS based designs using high level Frameworks within SSP. Frameworks provide a hardware independent development path that ‘fills in’ many of the low level details automatically.
  • May 19 – Day 4: The Target Kit and Resources
    This class will describe the target board that can be optionally used as a hands-on extension to the course. The freely downloadable software can also be used to also follow along with the design examples, but just can’t be executed on actual hardware.
  • May 20 – Day 5: Example Designs in Detail
    This class will select example designs from those suggested by students to solidify key techniques covered in previous classes. Students with actually hardware will be able to download the designs to the actual board while students with the software will be able to explore the code generated automatically by the software tools.



  • The Next Frontier in IoT Analytics with Machine Data
  • Simplifying Convergence of the Industrial Network: Bridging IT and Operations



  • Cyber Security for the Connected Car
  • Multidimensional sensing – accuracy in miniature: 3D magnetic and pressure sensors
  • PAM-4 Designs – Advanced Characterization and Debug Solutions
  • Printed/Flexible/Stretchable Sensors: Technologies and Applications for IoT and Wearables
  • Using current-limiting devices to improve Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)



  • Strong security for smart factories
  • Fundamentals of Operational Amplifiers
  • Discover Why Polarion ALM is Right for Your Business


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