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28 a 30/06/2016 – Curso: Materials Matter – Selecting the Right Materials for Your Manufacturing Process and Application

Material selection in an important manufacturing decision. When treated as step one in the digital manufacturing process, custom prototypes and low-volume production parts can be created with more efficiency and better results targeting your application and process.

In this educational course taught by industry expert and teacher, Dr. David Prawel, you’ll learn how to select the right material for your process, application, and market segment. Materials reviewed and compared will include metals, plastics, and liquid silicone rubber. With special attention paid to the automotive, medical, aerospace, and electronics industries, attributes of materials will be discussed including biocompatibility, durability, temperature, and water resistance.

  • June 28 – Day 1: Which materials? Which processes? Sorting Through the Choices
    We will take a comprehensive look at the wide range of popular metals, plastics and polymeric materials that are used in additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing), CNC machining and injection molding. Your choice of the best material for a particular project is often a very complex decision, and depends on many important considerations which differ by manufacturing process, application and industry. We will give you clear, concise guidelines to help guide you in your material selection process.
  • June 29 – Day 2: How Materials’ Characteristics Drive the Best Material Choices
    Material selection decisions can be made much more effectively with some knowledge of the materials, behavior and properties. We will present key decision factors that should guide your material selection proces and discuss the various relevant properties of the materials, while comparing and contrasting types of materials for particular manufacturing processes, applications and industries. We’ll look at critical attributes such as biocompatibility, temperature durability, and water resistance.
  • June 30 – Day 3: The Impact of Material Choices on the Core Business of Manufacturing
    Material choices also help determine ideal manufacturing processes and sequences. In a bigger picture, they can also spell success or failure of mission-critical processes like lean, quality validation and certification. We will take a detailed look at how material choices can affect your development and manufacturing processes overall, with special attention paid to various aspects of typical development and manufacturing processes in automotive, medical, aerospace, and electronics industries.



  • State of the IoT: a Roundtable Discussion



  • Meet the Experts: ARM TrustZone – understanding system security
  • Fast FPGA Design Debug Using Simulator-like Visibility into FPGA Hardware Operation
  • How To Use Z-Wave S2 for Unparalleled Smart Home IoT Security



  • Enabling Machines to See with Efficient Embedded Vision Processors
  • Meeting Measurement Challenges of Agile Complex Wireless Signals



  • Digital control of power supplies – a new approach with XMC™
  • Learn about NXP’s Low cost LPC800 Solutions


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